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12 May 2017

Movie Manipulation

By // Music

Has someone been cutting onions in here, or are those real live saltwater tears running down your face in the movie theater? There ain’t no movie without the soundtrack (score …

10 May 2017

Bond. James Bond

By // Cinema

With Hiddleston apparently out of contention and Craig theoretically back for one more go after being all but written out at the end of 2016’s Spectre, the future of the …

28 April 2017

Streaming Across the Proverbial Wall

By // TV

If you are an avid Netflix viewer, cannot fall asleep without watching an episode of your favorite series, and for a couple of months you are sent abroad to complete …

26 April 2017

The Epic Secrets of Breaking Bad

By // TV

Attention! Spoilers ahead! If you’ve somehow yet to finish Breaking Bad, don’t read an article unpacking its mysteries.  The Formula in the Opening Credits Breaking Bad‘s opening titles are short …

17 March 2017

The NHL’s Best Bets

By // Sports

After an exciting season, the NHL regular season will be soon drawing to a close. Here are my picks for who’s looking best if you’re placing bets on the cup. …

14 March 2017

DWtS: Our Top “Bonner Bolton” Picks

By // TV

The new cast of Dancing with the Stars has been announced and, as per usual, there’s at least one contestant who makes you go “who?!”. This season it’s some cowboy …

03 March 2017

Twitter Giveaway: Win Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

By // Cinema

To celebrate the DVD release of the latest Tom Cruise action adventure, Paramount Home Entertainment has given us copies to give away to TWO lucky readers. For your chance to win, …

02 March 2017

Helen Ellis: a modern American Housewife

By // Books

Author Helen Ellis has many strings to her bow, novelist, World Tour poker player and (previously anonymous) social commentator on Twitter. Her latest book, American Housewife is based on her …

20 January 2017

Scalebound and the Ghost of Cancelled Games

By // Games

Cancelled titles, even ones deep into development, are a fairly regular occurrence in the video game industry. There are four different Fallout games that fans never got to play (including …

13 January 2017

Filming Las Vegas

By // Cinema

Arguably the most action-packed place on earth, the allure of Las Vegas goes far beyond 7 Sultans Online Casino- style games. It’s got mystique, it’s got abundance, it’s maybe got …

23 December 2016

NFL Playoff Predictions

By // Sports

Just two weeks now remain until the start of the NFL Playoffs, and while some outcomes are starting to cement themselves, with Tom Brady and the Patriots clinching another Divisional …

26 November 2016

Movies and Games: A Symbiotic Relationship

By // Games

From Atari and The Mechanic to Angry Birds and The Martian, gaming and movies have come a long way in the last 40 years. The two industries have a symbiotic relationship: there …

13 October 2016

Sponsored Content: The 7 Sultans Online Casino App

By // Games

The 7 Sultans Online Casino has been around since 1998 but, with the launch of their new app in the iTunes store, they’re evolving with the times. People’s expectations for …

20 September 2016

Keeping Up with Ms. Jones

By // Cinema

Bridget Jones’ Baby is like a time capsule of the liberal mores of fifteen years ago – a time when it was progressive to indulge in “feminism by marriage plot” …