25 March 2020

Les Ballet Trockadero

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Les Ballets Trockadero has returned once more to Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited. The crowd was a varied wonder on March 8, ranging from eager children, to professional …

04 March 2020

On Tour: Us/Them

By // Theatre (Toronto)

For those who enjoy booking a play without knowing anything about it, Us/Them may provide a shock. It did for an elementary school teacher in attendance. The subject matter was …

23 February 2020

Hamilton on Tour

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is the smashiest smash hit to ever smash on Broadway and it has subsequently inspired a cult-like devotion that strains the limits of the word “cult-like” (the intensity …

24 December 2019

The SpongeBob SquarePants Musical in Toronto

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The SpongeBob SquarePants Musical, presented by TO Live at Meridian Hall, was a breakout Broadway success in 2017/2018 garnering 12 Tony Award nominations and is the first in what TO …

21 December 2019

Shiny & Bright: A Holiday of Musicals in Toronto

By // Theatre (Toronto)

It’s Christmastime, which means that many people are either celebrating beloved family traditions or searching for some moderately pleasant activity the whole family can agree on. The solution Toronto’s commercial …

19 December 2019

Patrick Combs’ Cash Me If You Can

By // Theatre (Toronto)

We all love a David and Goliath story, and Patrick Combs’ is a good one. In 1995, he received a cheque for $95,093.35 from a junk mailing scheme. Broke in …

29 November 2019

Cats, the musical

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I’m going for a big metaphorical stretch here guys so I just need you to bear with me- seeing Cats live is like going to church. Inside the theatre you’ll …

26 November 2019

Featured Event: Shakespeare in Hospitals Gala

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective’s annual Shakespeare in Hospitals gala is coming up very soon so we caught up with Artistic Director Victoria Urquhart to find out how this season’s show came to …

23 October 2019

Canadian Stage: Yang Zhen’s Minorities

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Minorities has a provocative set, mannequins placed across the back of the stage are costumed in various traditional Chinese clothing, with red duct tape placed across eyes, mouths and torsos. …

20 September 2019

The Band’s Visit on Tour

By // Theatre (Toronto)

David Yazbek & Itamar Moses’ slinky musical adaptation of the 2007 Israeli film The Band’s Visit is one of those artistic oddities that wins incredible acclaim and most people still …

13 July 2019

Waitress *sigh* as a Musical

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Some stories take a few tries to find their perfect medium. Les Miserables, for example, is a meandering bore of a novel (hot take? Whatever, I don’t want to hear …

17 June 2019

On Tour to TO: The Lion King

By // Theatre (Toronto)

If you ever get the chance to see The Lion King on Broadway, you have to take it. Stop me if you’ve heard this lecture before but I honestly believe …

17 June 2019

On Tour to TO: The Book of Mormon

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Book of Mormon has returned to Toronto, and thank Heavenly Father it has! A hit since the beginning, the show has traveled to Toronto a few times and always …

13 June 2019

Eifman Ballet’s Tchaikovsky: PRO et CONTRA

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Celebrated Russian choreographer Boris Eifman brings to life the story of composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), and it is a tale of beauty and tragedy. Eifman, inspired by the composer’s …

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