TV Stars in The Movies
  Rachael Nisenkier

The holiday movie rush has produced some truly excellent and some disappointing fare. But one thing has remained true: TV stars are really bringing it to the big screen this season. Click on the movie titles to read reviews from our sister site My Cinema. First there’s the rush of TV faces who play a […]

Recipe for Success
  Kelly Bedard

Set Veronica Marscreator Rob Thomas free on a low-pressure network like Starz. Add a winning comedy concept (a catering company full of wannabes). Then give him a plethora of Mars alum to work with (Vinnie Van Lowe, Dick Casablancas, Logan, Meg and Veronica herself… just for starters). And add a sprinkling of other winning cast […]

New Sitcoms
  Kelly Bedard

Though many new sitcoms are premiering this year, absolutely none have managed to stand out to me as (as the folks on HIMYM would say) “awesome” . To tell you the truth I haven’t even seen most of them: only 2. Both are critical flops and both lack the creative energy one might expect with […]