Though many new sitcoms are premiering this year, absolutely none have managed to stand out to me as (as the folks on HIMYM would say) “awesome” . To tell you the truth I haven’t even seen most of them: only 2. Both are critical flops and both lack the creative energy one might expect with such comedic talent working on them.


The first is perhaps one of the worst sitcoms in a long time… ‘Til Death. Though phenomenal as a supporting player in Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett simply cannot carry his own show. It’s quite simply not funny.


The other, however, I don’t mind at all. The Class is not considered to be terrible but it certainly hasn’t been acclaimed. And yet, after just having watched the second episode, I find it mildly amusing. It’s not lightning in a bottle, but it’s good for a few chuckles and provides a nice break from serious shows about doctors and lawyers, kidnappings and criminals (yes its true I counted- I watch 10 shows that fall into these categories). The cast is great- pulling together Joan of Arcadia alum Jason Ritter, the anti-mean girl Lizzy Caplan, Joey‘s ex-neighbour Andrea Anders and a cast of suitably likable others. One of the executive producers is one of the great masterminds behind FRIENDS David Crane and the show is directed by Will & Grace’s James Burrows. How this isn’t lightning in a bottle I’ll never know but it’s worth a watch anyway.


More on the up and coming sitcoms of the year to come.