16 April 2014

Save This Show: ABC’s The Neighbors

By // TV

In last week’s second season finale of ABC’s alien sitcom, the characters wondered if there was a future for them on earth. “I’ve heard rumours about ABC Family” said teenager …

26 February 2014

Paul (Afghanistan Vet/Guest Author) talks Enlisted

By // TV

The military can often be a funny thing. Like that drunken toga party the rest of Kilo Battery’s staff and I had on Okinawa. Or when Major General John Sedgwick …

14 February 2014

Too Many Words About Super Fun Night

By // TV

Rebel Wilson is a very hit-or-miss talent. In exactly the right circumstances, she’s wonderful. In others, she’s just too big (in a non-physical sense). Occasionally, her sitcom Super Fun Night …

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