Rachael Nisenkier

Before the Show It’s been quite a few years since I’ve really, truly cared about the Oscars, but before that I was their biggest fan. They never gave the awards to the right people, and most of the presenters were lackluster, and the hosts seemed to have an incredibly thankless job, but god did I […]

  Jason Hellerman

The Academy Awards are always a hotly debated item.  Nominees are frequently the result of campaigning, elbow rubbing, and politicking.  That being said, I decided to go against the grain to nominate the films I think deserved everyone’s attention.  Also the ones I thought were awful. I tried to delve into the movies that stuck […]

A Snoozer of a Show
  Tim Collins

It needs to be said: the Oscars were bad. I have yet to read any reviews or criticisms about the show but I have never been more bored with an award show in ages. First, the hosts were painfully boring. The entire opening act went far too long and left me confused rather than entertained. […]