19 November 2012

Comedy Block Face Off

By // TV

TV comedy is in a major phase right now. A shocking amount of the primetime network schedule is made up of sitcoms, while a fair number of hourlong comedies and …

12 January 2012

Pilot Watch: Work It (and an ABC scolding)

By // TV

I thought I’d give ABC’s latest “plight of the modern man” sitcom at least 2 episodes before I passed judgement. All signs pointed immediately to the pits of despair, but …


01 October 2010

Thoughts on The New Fall Sitcoms

By // TV

We’re two weeks into the new television season, just far enough to start really forming opinions about the new shows. This season has 6 new network sitcoms on the docket …


21 September 2010

Pilot Watch: Mike and Molly

By // TV

“I know I’m never gonna be a size 2. That’s fine, because I happen to like who I am. There’s nothing wrong with me as a person: I’m smart, I’m …

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