“I know I’m never gonna be a size 2. That’s fine, because I happen to like who I am. There’s nothing wrong with me as a person: I’m smart, I’m funny, I recycle! I just want to be able to control what I eat.” That’s a beautiful sentiment, a wonderful speech. It shows strength of character, sense of self and a healthy understanding of reality, body image and nutritional concerns. If only it were true.

That speech belongs to Molly, of Mike and Molly, which premiered last night on CBS. This speech was the obligatory “look, we’re people, not just fat people” moment in the episode. It wasn’t consistent with everything else the character did and said, or with the general tone of the show. The rest was all fat jokes. And bad caricature supporting players (really bad).

I’ll be giving Mike and Molly at least a couple more episodes before I decide I hate it forever. Why? Because I didn’t like The Big Bang Theory at first either, and now I love it (another Chuck Lorre production). Also, because I love Melissa McCarthy. She’s sweet, funny, and, I think, very pretty. I’m happy to see she’s in a lead role but sad that the only way she could get it was to allow CBS to openly mock her on national television. The stars of Mike and Molly deserve better than silly dialogue, flat characters and “playful” (read: hurtful) insults.

Possibly the most depressing show I’ve seen all season.