30 September 2015

Pilot Watch: Heroes Reborn

By // TV

In preparation for Heroes: Reborn, I wanted to watch the entire original series through. I’ll admit that I was a die-hard fan of season 1 but, like most people, gave …

30 June 2009

Heroes Season Three Review

By // TV

I waited a couple of days after finishing Heroes to really let that finale sink in and to try and avoid hperbole. But before we dive into my review, let …

28 June 2009

Heroes 101

By // TV

I recently wrote some semi-nice things about Heroes. And I stand by them. All of them. Even the things that were nearly immediately contradicted by the show itself. I’m two …

25 June 2009

Rediscovering Heroes

By // TV

Remember back in 2006? A simpler, more idealistic time. George W. Bush was still president. The top grossing film was Pirates of the Carribean. Twitter was something that one went …

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