17 April 2019

Game of Thrones: Winterfell and Mirrors

By // TV

I’ve been thinking about mirrors a lot, recently. As symbols, mirrors are often interpreted as portals, doorways, access points to realms beyond or just different spaces. They’re also revelatory, providing …

08 April 2019

How To Shakesbeers: The Official Audience Guide

By // Theatre (Toronto)

My favourite theatre fundraiser of the year is always Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective’s Shakesbeers Showdown…

26 March 2019

The MyEntWord Podcast: Blue Jays Roundtable, 2019

By // Sports

Baseball season is finally upon us! The Toronto Blue Jays officially kick off their season at the Rogers Centre Skydome on Thursday, March 28th with game one of a seven-game …

02 February 2019

The 2018 Nominee Interview Series

By // Theatre

Welcome to the 2018 Nominee Interview Series. Every year between nomination announcements…

31 December 2018

Critics’ Pick Awards, 2018

By // General

Welcome to home base for our 2018 Awards Season! The Full Details… The Nominees The 2018 Cinema Award Nominees The 2018 TV Award Nominees The 2018 Theatre Award Nominees: Toronto The Party …

01 January 2018

My Cinematic 2017

By // Cinema

Over the coming weeks I’ll be unveiling my rankings of every single new release I saw in 2017. There are over a hundred of them, it’ll take awhile. Standard Disclaimer …

04 November 2017

The Shakespeare Series: Hamlet w/ Matthew Edison

By // Theatre

With the help of some of the best and brightest Shakespeare fans in the world, we’re diving deep into 38 plays in 35 episodes (Henrys IV & VI only get …

21 July 2017

San Diego Comic-Con, 2017

By // TV

It’s Comic-Con Time Again! Managing Editor Kelly Bedard and Staff Writer Tom McGee are on the scene to bring you tons of coverage from the con floor, the panels, the …

12 January 2017

The 2016 Nominee Interview Series

By // Theatre

Welcome to the 2016 Nominee Interview Series. In the months leading up to the winner announcement in April, we interviewed over 100 of the artists nominated for this year’s MyTheatre, MyTV …

31 December 2016

My Cinematic 2016

By // Cinema

As I said in our awards announcement (and everyone has said basically every day for awhile now), this was not humanity’s best year. But, you know what, it wasn’t our …

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