Kelly Bedard

The cast and crew of the upcoming film Nix give us the inside scoop on how their gritty horror-drama came together. Featuring horror queen Dee Wallace (E.T., Cujo), Angie Teodora Dick (Forgotten Evil), director Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado), and co-writer/producer/stars James Zimbardi, Woodrow Wilson III, and Skyler Caleb (Awaken the Shadowman). And introducing future star Niesha Renee Guilbot!

In BMI & White Bear PR’s Character of Music press room at San Diego Comic Con, we got the opportunity to sit down with director Simon McQuoid to discuss his film Mortal Kombat and the role of music in filmmaking. 

We caught up with director Jim Batt and animator Josh Mahan at San Diego Comic Con to hear about their creative process in working on the short film animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Grave of St. Oran, narrated by Neil himself.

About the Favourites Series: One of our favourite things is to listen to our favourite people talk about their favourite things. In this series, we’ll be inviting some awesome guest contributors to talk to or about their favourite people in art and entertainment. We hope you love it as much as our guests love the […]