About the Favourites Series:
One of our favourite things is to listen to our favourite people talk about their favourite things. In this series, we’ll be inviting some awesome guest contributors to talk to or about their favourite people in art and entertainment. We hope you love it as much as our guests love the art and artists they’re here to talk about.


About this Episode:

There are a decent number of ubiquitous faces in Toronto theatre- actors and producers and artistic directors you’re bound to be familiar with if you frequent the city’s main venues. But those of us who see upwards of a hundred shows a year, for us its the audience mainstays who become the faces we look for. If you see a lot of theatre in Toronto, there is simply no way you’ve never sat in an audience alongside Barbara Fingerote. She’s the city’s most devoted aficionado with an encyclopedic memory and an open mind to check out pretty much anything gracing the city’s stages. Perched contentedly in her usual spot in the front row, when she isn’t volunteering with front of house, Barbara is the most constant presence in the Toronto theatre community so we don’t feel it’s a stretch to call her the scene’s biggest fan.


She’s one of our favourite people to talk about theatre with so we thought she’d be the perfect person to host her own episode of the Favourites Series. When asked whom, of anyone in Toronto theatre, she’d most like to speak with, Barbara chose the inimitable Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, a driven multi-hyphenate artist whose work has lit up the city’s stages for the last decade. This episode was recorded before the Covid pandemic and, with theatres reopening, we decided it was finally time to share it with you.


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