Who cancels Mr. Sunshine and Better with You but keeps Happy Endings? If they’re not going to give a show a chance, there’s no point. And perhaps people should stop hiring Andrea Anders, this is not working out for her. So ABC’s just made a big announcement. Guess how excited I am about it. Cue […]

Better With Guest Stars
  Kelly Bedard

Never was a more unexpected duo of guest stars than this week’s Better With You combo of Derek Hough and Larry King. The young, impossibly cool professional dancer appeared as an instructor trying to help Casey and Mia prepare for the first dance at their wedding. The fun story about Casey hiding all his best […]

Thoughts on The New Fall Sitcoms
  Kelly Bedard

We’re two weeks into the new television season, just far enough to start really forming opinions about the new shows. This season has 6 new network sitcoms on the docket and their quality to junk ratio is sadly low so far. Here’s the low down on all 6, including a surprise hit and a whole […]