Never was a more unexpected duo of guest stars than this week’s Better With You combo of Derek Hough and Larry King.

The young, impossibly cool professional dancer appeared as an instructor trying to help Casey and Mia prepare for the first dance at their wedding. The fun story about Casey hiding all his best “girl things” talents from his fiancee hit its highpoint in a showy tango wherein Casey (Jake Lacy) whirled Hough around the floor, reminding ABC viewers just what they’ve been missing in Hough’s absence from Dancing with the Stars this season.

King showed up as a celebrity guest in Ben’s hotel. The clever show capitalized on the prehistoric talk show host’s persona, framing him as a wise elder with an uncanny ability to read people and a disturbing need for extra hotel towels. The take home message: ask Larry King, he’ll know what to do.

It was a weird combination but a strangely awesome one. This show really has grown on me, wouldn’t it be nice if it made it to a second season?