31 December 2020

An Update on the 2020 Critics’ Pick Awards

By // General

We survived 2020! As the world heals itself from the single most insane year in memory, we’re choosing to look back with as much positivity as we can. The best …

07 February 2020

The 2019 Nominee Interview Series

By // General

Welcome to the 2019 Nominee Interview Series. Every year between nomination announcements…

04 January 2020

19 Good Things That Happened in 2019

By // General

Popular culture is fractured today more than it has ever been. Keeping up with the deluge of good content out there is a full-time job – or maybe that’s just …

01 January 2020

Critics’ Pick Awards, 2019

By // General

Welcome to home base for our 2019 Awards Season! The Full Details… The Nominees The 2019 Film Award Nominees The 2019 TV Award Nominees The 2019 Theatre Award Nominees The Nominee …

29 December 2019

Looking Back: 2019 and the 2010s in Review

By // General

It’s the end of the year.. and the end of the decade. Here’s a roundup of all our coverage looking back at the year and decade we just survived. Decade in Review: …

31 December 2018

Critics’ Pick Awards, 2018

By // General

Welcome to home base for our 2018 Awards Season! The Full Details… The Nominees The 2018 Cinema Award Nominees The 2018 TV Award Nominees The 2018 Theatre Award Nominees: Toronto The Party …

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