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25 April 2019

Traverse Theatre Company’s Mouthpiece by Kieran Hurley

By // Theatre (London)

Kieran Hurley creates a masterpiece with this fresh narrative of social inequality and artistic license. He writes an exceptional account of how story telling is sensitive and emotionally captivating particularly …

09 April 2019

Little Potatoes at the Old Red Lion Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Little Potatoes is an extraordinary, heart-warming tale of two women residing in China who lose a child in two very different ways. It explores China’s ‘one child’ policy, and how …

23 October 2018

I’m Not Running by David Hare at the National Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

David Hare’s plays always seek to provoke one’s mind of current issues such as inequality, social deprivation and most particularly the politics of the changing state of the Labour Party …

15 April 2018

Secret Life of Humans at the New Diorama Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Inspired by the work of Yuval Harari – ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind’ (2011) – this highly engaging piece captures your imagination from the get go. The book itself …

17 March 2018

Trap Street by Kandinsky

By // Theatre (London)

Britain’s housing crisis is an incredibly relevant premise for a play. Trap Street, a term also derived from cartographers designing fictitious maps in order to exploit plagiarists, addresses the housing …

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