Who cancels Mr. Sunshine and Better with You but keeps Happy Endings? If they’re not going to give a show a chance, there’s no point. And perhaps people should stop hiring Andrea Anders, this is not working out for her. So ABC’s just made a big announcement. Guess how excited I am about it. Cue […]

Mr. Sunshine: Doggie Show
  Rachael Nisenkier

The first two episodes of Mr. Sunshine were fine. They featured witty, snappy writing and Matthew Perry at his Chandler-esque goodness. On top of that, Allison Janney was all sorts of wonderful as his whacked-out boss and the premise was pretty decent. But the show had yet to gel into something that seemed sustainably funny […]

Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away
  Kelly Bedard

I would really love it if TV world gave me a present this year and Mr. Sunshine did very very well. It’s a clever show, and clever is certainly something we need more of. You know what else we need more of? Allison Janney, I could always use more of her. And more of Matthew […]