Exclusive Interview: Reid Rosenthal
  Kelly Bedard

The My TV Nominee Interview Series continues with another 2009 nominee. This time, I spoke with Best Male Reality Star Nominee Reid Rosenthal from The Bachelorette. My favourite bachelor of the season and an incredibly sweet person offscreen, Reid candidly answered all my questions about the show, the girl, the guys and how it really […]

  Kelly Bedard

In the first interview of our 2009 “My TV Nominee Series”, I had the amazing opportunity to speak one on one with one of My TV’s favourite actresses. The lovely and talented Ms. Amy Acker (of Angel and Alias fame) was gracious enough to take a few minutes of her time to talk about her […]

  Kelly Bedard

Project Runway‘s Seth Aaron: Thank God Ping is finally gone, it leaves room for wonderful underrated designers like the edgy and classy Seth Aaron who stood behind his badly-reviewed design and lovable design partner this week even after Heidi gave him an easy out in placing the blame fully on Anthony. Overall, this season’s crop […]

Tyce Diorio Responds to His My TV Award Nomination

“Thank you so much. What an honor! I love Canada”

-Tyce Diorio
My TV Award Nominee: Best Choreography- “The Woman’s Work” (So You Think You Can Dance)

Beau Bridges Responds To His My TV Award Nomination

“Thanks so much for acknowledging my guest performance on Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry wrote a great episode, and it was so much fun working with all the wonderfully talented ladies of Wisteria Lane.” – Beau Bridges My TV Award Nominee: Best Male Guest Star (Desperate Housewives)

To 100 and Beyond: the creators talk HIMYM
  Kelly Bedard

This week I got the opportunity to participate in a conference call with Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, the creators and executive producers of one of my favourite shows on television, How I Met Your Mother. This coming Monday is the 100th episode of the series so Craig and Carter took some time to speak […]

  Kelly Bedard

“This is great news. I’m honored! It’s an overwhelming experience to have your work be recognized in this way. Honestly, being on the show weighed very little in comparison to the actual hands-on work that we were doing with the incredible instructors and so it is in many ways hard to consider myself a ‘TV […]

Amy Acker Responds To Her My TV Award Nomination
  Kelly Bedard

“Thank you so much for nominating me for Dollhouse!!! That is really cool. I can’t really take too much credit, whenever Joss is running a show there is such amazing material. He has such awesome writers on the show, they kinda do all the work for you. I feel so lucky I have gotten to be in two […]