Chatting with author Suyi Davies about his work on Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line for Random House Kids at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

  Laura Anne Harris

For a year I anticipated the release of my friend Andrea Werhun’s memoir Modern Whore, about her experience working as a sex worker in a Toronto escort service. I was excited because I knew my friend as a particularly hilarious performer so I was sure her book would explore a humorous and complex approach to […]

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con San Diego Comic-Con at its heart is about one thing: Comics. More and more, TV and film (and video games and books and toys) are stealing the spotlight but the reason for the season remains true: Comics. So we couldn’t leave the […]

  Kelly Bedard

San Diego Comic-Con is known for so much more than comics. As we toured the crowded, expansive floor, we came across tons of great booths dedicated to books and other nerdy art forms. On the main floor, we talked to publishing juggernaut HarperCollins about what titles they’d brought to the con. Then we hit up […]

  Nick Christophers

Women who found themselves caught in the web of the mob have always avoided publicly expressing their feelings. Yet a few have come forth with riveting stories exposing a feminine side of the “life”. We can go way back to the earliest published testimonies from women like Rosalie Bonanno (“Mafia Marriage”), Sandy Sadowsky (“Wedded to […]

  Nick Christophers

In recent years, America has become more health conscious than ever before and a desire to look fit has taken root. Fitness centers around the country have begun to sprout up in every major city. New gyms like Retro-Fitness have begun to expand to match the need of the ever growing demand. Yet there are […]