Bringing a historical figure to the stage can be difficult, mainly because there is never an inherent style or concept to pursue. That was the challenge Korean creators Seeun Choun and Jongyoon Choi took on with Marie Curie, now translated to English for its UK premiere, directed by Sarah Meadows. The result is a conventional, well-intentioned […]

Plays about memory work well when they are immersive and experiential – pulling you into the story, and evoking strong emotions. When crafted with additional finesse, they can even offer profound insight, leaving lasting impact. With Michael Batten’s Remembrance Monday, I was hoping for that something extra. It is a beautifully executed production, with committed […]

AI is a hot topic in contemporary theatre, but writers often stumble by relying heavily on dystopian motifs or portraying AI unrealistically as a mystical, all-knowing force. In his debut play Artificially Yours, Aaron Thakar (who also stars) avoids these pitfalls by grounding the story in a recognisable near-future, incorporating existing technological norms, and adopting a […]

Frank’s Closet may not have aspired to be groundbreaking, with its simplistic ‘music hall musical’ concept, but it is a fun, kitschy little show that became a cult classic in 2009 when it opened at Hoxton Hall. Fifteen years later, its revival at the Union Theatre feels less daring – its campness no longer that camp […]

I enjoy the examination of time on stage. Of course, all theatre considers time – in its pacing, and how it weaves certain moments to tell a specific story. It is also intriguing how time and circumstances shape our experience of a production. I should note that for this review, I came in having already […]

Coming into this show, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Reading the synopsis, I didn’t see how the concept related to the real Billy the Kid (which the title clearly alludes to), and the poster’s allusion to the trans pride flag completely went over my head. But I came out thoroughly impressed. Gez Mercer and […]