San_Diego_Comic_Con_International-620x350 We’re excited to be at our first San Diego Comic Con! We’ll be bringing you news on some of the most anticipated new movies, TV shows and of course, comics, including nightly wrap-up podcasts. For special Deadpool coverage head to @DeadpoolChats.

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Day One
#TeamComicCon gets their bearings with hectic day full of celebrity sightings, roundtable interviews and Deadpool cosplayers plus one very odd Gene Simmons encounter.

Day Two
Saiya experiences the good and the bad of big panel lines while Marty interviews comics creators and Kelly talks to the stars of Bob’s Burgers and more.

Day Three
Marty causes a Twitter frenzy, Saiya camps out all day at Hall H’s biggest panels and Kelly meets one of her childhood movie idols.

Day Four
Kelly attends one final press room as Marty and Saiya walk the exhibition hall floor and, on the final night of SDCC, #TeamComicCon looks back at the week to draw some final conclusions.


Sara Rue (Impastor)
The erstwhile star of Popular, Less than Perfect, Eastwick, Rules of Engagement, Malibu Country and more returns to TV on the newly revamped TV Land as the kooky Dora, assistant to Michael Rosenbaum’s impostor pastor on Impastor. Saiya got the chance to speak with Sara about her new role one-on-one during the con.

Jon Hotchkiss (Pizza with Writers)
Saiya’s spontaneous interview about a new online show featuring interviews with popular TV writers, and pizza.

Marty reviews one of his favourite finds from the con floor- the new card game Superfight. A mix of the classic “who would win” party game and Cards Against Humanity, Superfight is addictive and endlessly fun.

Press Rooms

Behind the Music: Crime, Death & Resurrection (CW3PR)
Kelly’s favourite press room of the con was all about the craft of composing for television (namely for some of the best shows on TV like Fargo, Homeland and Empire). While most press rooms are about promoting a specific series, the two hosted by PR firm CW3PR were a rare opportunity to just talk to creative people about their creative output and all the struggles that come with it. Also, composers are just plain cool and the Crime, Death & Resurrection dudes were just about the coolest.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (FX)
It’s fitting that this press room was second only to the KISS one in how crowded and hectic it was; apparently this new FX comedy about ageing musicians is really getting the rockstar vibe right. Hectic as it was, stars John Corbett, Elizabeth Gillies, Robert Kelly, John Ales and Elaine Hendrix were all on hand to talk candidly about the show with personable creator/star Denis Leary setting the tone for a really fun round of interviews that definitely didn’t intimidate Kelly at all.

Musical Anatomy of a Superhero
One of three press rooms we attended where we got to speak to the composers behind some of our favourite scores in film and television, “Musical Anatomy of a Superhero” united the brains behind the music of such hits as Frozen, Mad Max, Ant-Man, The Avengers: Age of UltronArrow and The Flash. Saiya grilled them all on what it takes to make someone fly (or shrink or run really fast or whatever).


BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Pushes Comics Forward
Marty was on hand to report all the best moments as moderator Filip Sablik (BOOM!’s president of publishing and marketing) guided the assembled creators through a lively discussion about where the comics industry is now and where it’s headed.

Image Comics: Where Creators Own the Mainstream
Marty’s coverage of the first of five panels from Image Comics, the only publisher of completely creator-owned comics.

Marvel TV
Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter get the Hall H treatment and Saiya’s here to report on it all.

Minority Report (FOX)
The show Saiya’s most excited about after their SDCC panel is FOX’s adaptation of Minority Report starring Broadway boy Stark Sands. Read her recap of the Ballroom 20 event here.

Damien (A&E)
Saiya reports from the first panel featuring the upcoming A&E horror series Damien (a follow-up to the 1976 film The Omen) starring Merlin‘s Bradley James.

The 100 (The CW)
Get all the scoop on the CW’s much-beloved sci-fi spectacular as Saiya reports from Ballroom 20.

Nick Carter Goes West
Kelly loves the Backstreet Boys unconditionally and intensely so she was thrilled about their odd and out-of-place appearance at Comic-Con. Nick, Nick’s wife, AJ, Joey Fatone (“there’s never been a rivalry!”) and the Asylum producers plug their upcoming zombie western, because a boy band zombie western produced by the Sharknado guys is what the world needed.