13 February 2020

Movie Flashback: The House

By // Cinema

At first glance, the fact that ‘The House’ stars Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell should be enough to convince any movie fan that it will be a reasonably funny outing. …

13 February 2020

Three Solid Canadian Movie Bets

By // Cinema

Owning Mahoney Featuring Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the star role, Owning Mahoney is probably the most famous gambling movie to come out of Canada. The movie is about a Toronto …

08 February 2020

On DVD: Parasite

By // Cinema

I have barely more than 24 hours before this prediction loses its relevance but I think Parasite’s going to win the Best Picture Oscar for 2020. It’s got all the …

04 February 2020

Skyfall in Concert: Q&A with Conductor Evan Mitchell

By // Cinema

James Bond returns to Toronto with Skyfall, 007 in Concert. The score will be performed by a live orchestra at the newly rebranded Meridian Hall on February 21st and 22nd, …

30 January 2020

Become a Maverick & Live Your Best Top Gun Life

By // Cinema

With Top Gun 2 just around the corner, I, like probably many of you, have found myself revisiting the original 80s classic. That movie’s always made me want to fly …

30 January 2020

Greatest Casino Movies Ever Made

By // Cinema

When it comes to casino movies, there are some fantastic ones around, we take a look at some of the best to ever hit the silver screen. When it comes …

11 January 2020

“Movies R Dumb”: Star Wars Holiday Special

By // Cinema

With Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in theatres and Disney+’s hit show The Mandalorian finishing its first season, Star Wars is again firmly back in the contemporary zeitgeist. Critics and general …

04 January 2020

My Cinematic 2019

By // Cinema

Every year, I try to see as many new release films as I can. I rank everything as I go so that, when it’s all said and done, I can …

01 January 2020

2019 Critics’ Pick Award Nominees: Cinema

By // Cinema

It’s time once again for our annual Critics’ Pick Award nominations! Below is a list of the art and artists that stood out to us in 2019 movies. Who Qualifies? …

31 December 2019

Decade in Review: Movies

By // Cinema

These aren’t the best movies of the decade. I don’t know what those are. And neither do you. The best we can do is mention what we loved most and stop trying to claim …

25 December 2019

Holiday Romance Roundup

By // Cinema

Merry Christmas!!!!! I’ve spent pretty much my whole December absorbing as much feel-good holiday romance nonsense as possible. That means a few official #HallmarkBrand movies sent my way by generous publicists …

10 December 2019

On DVD: 2019 Holiday Edition!

By // Cinema TV

It’s time, once again, for the On DVD series featuring new releases from Warner Brothers, Universal, and Well Go USA.  The Big Bang Theory Complete Series This set is expensive. At $180 just …

07 December 2019

The Fare: A Hitchcockian Sci-Fi Taxi Romance

By // Cinema

The Fare is a movie about Harris, a taxi driver, who finds itself in a sci-fi-like infinite loop alongside Penny, his fare, in a ride that changes their lives forever. …

02 November 2019

Mini DVD Update: Fall, 2019

By // Cinema

I don’t have very many titles to tell you about from this fall’s Home Entertainment releases but here are a few just for good measure… Our favourite independent home entertainment distributor Well …

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