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The cast and creative team of Fox’s upcoming Minority Report stopped by Ballroom 20 on Friday. Minority Report is a sequel to the 2002 Steven Spielberg film. Executive producers Kevin Falls, Max Borenstein, and Darryl Frank as well as cast members Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Wilmer Valderrama, and Laura Regan previewed the first 20 minutes of the pilot, and answered some questions. Here’s a little of what they discussed:

After watching the Minority Report film, Max Borenstein wanted to know what happened to the precogs at the end of the movie. This lead to the idea behind the TV show.

Steven Spielberg spoke to the writers. Kevin Falls said it was useful and Spielberg gave them some great ideas.

Technology will play a huge part in the series. Borenstein created a world bible. In order to do this, the team interviewed scientists and asked what the world was going to be like in 50 years, the same approach taken by the first film. Some of the futuristic technology featured on the show, such as the selfie drone are currently being developed.

According to Falls, there are no plans for a romance between the Stark Sands and Meagan Good characters. If the show takes their relationship there in the future after a natural progression, then it would be okay, but for now, their relationship will be platonic.

Nick Zano will appear on the show later as Dash’s fraternal twin. His powers are slightly different than Dash’s, and his personality more “manipulative”.

In order to prepare to play Dash, Sands thought a lot about isolation. He went to the Catskills to be alone. He and Laura Regan went into flotation tanks – where you float in water in complete darkness and silence- to research their characters. Sands said he wanted to understand what it was like to be alone with his thoughts.

The Minority Report team included a lot of Easter eggs in their episodes. In the pilot, they mentioned there was a Bartlet Plaza, named after The West Wing’s Josiah Bartlet, which Falls worked on.