timthumbWith a team of four writers, we managed to cover almost the entire theatre series at the 25th SummerWorks festival. See below for all the reviews (ranked by the grade they received).

The My Theatre Favourites Discount: 
If your SummerWorks show scores an A+ or A, you can cash in on that goodwill with a 50% discount on advertising your next show on My Entertainment World. If you scored an A- or B+, we’ll knock 25% off the ad price. Discounts also apply to Fringe shows as well as all past My Theatre Award winners (50% off), and nominees (25% off) in Toronto, Boston or New York. Email us for details on how to promote your next show.

without further ado…

The Reviews:
Like There’s No Tomorrow (A+)
That Syncing Feeling (A)
This is Where We Live (A)
Performance About A Woman (A)
Offending the Audience (A) 
An Evening in July (A-)
The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely (A-)
Beautiful Man (A-)
Stupidhead! A Mucisal Cmoedy (B+)
Upon the Fragile Shore (B+)
The Marquise of O (B+)
Ayelen (B+)
Ramble (B+)
The Hum (B+)
Castor & Sylvie (B)
Seams (B)
MacArthur Park Suite: A Disco Ballet (B)
Face Value: West (B)
Mapleman: The Canuk Crusader (B)
Lac Athabasca (B-)
Tough Guy Mountain (B-)
The Tall Building (B-)
Deceitful Above All Things (B-)
Aperture (B-)
In Case of Nothing (D)