August 9-19th, our writers reviewed nearly every show in Toronto’s annual SummerWorks Festival. The full list of shows with letter grades and links to our reviews is below. Check out our Twitter and Instagram @MyEntWorld for more from our SummerWorks 2018 experience.

Reminder to SummerWorks Artists: 
If your SummerWorks show scored an A+ or A, you can cash in on that goodwill with a 50% discount on advertising for your next show on My Entertainment World. If you scored an A- or B+, we’ll knock 25% off the ad price. Discounts also apply to 2018 Fringe grades as well as all 2017 Critics’ Pick Award winners (50% off), and nominees (25% off) and $5+ Patreon donors have a reusable 10% off they can lend to anyone they want when they’re not using it. Discounts go as high as 95%; email us for details.

The Reviews:
Body So Fluorescent (A+)
fantasylover (A+)
Café Sarajevo episode 1 (A+)
… And You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next (A)
4inXchange (A)
Lion Womxn (A)
Winners and Losers (A)
Overhear Toronto (A)
Adrenaline (A-)
Box 4901 (A-)
Intimate Karaoke, Live at the Uterine Concert Hall (A-)
B-Side (A-)
A Room to Perform (B+)
Aisha of Is (B+)
Third World (B+)
The Red Horse is Leaving (B+)
The Negroes are Congregating (B+)
The Extinction of Hong Kongers (B+)
Hot Cuts (B+)
Swim Team (B)
The Artist’s Children (B)
A Girl Lives Alone (B)
The Private Life Cabaret (B)
Stray (B-)
Truthteller (B-)
one for five (C)
The Reckoning (D)