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05 August 2016

SummerWorks, 2016

By // Theatre (Toronto)


Toronto’s juried avant garde theatre festival SummerWorks ran August 4-14th this year and, over the course of those 11 days, our critics- Kelly Bedard, Beth McNeil and Lisa McKeown- covered 36 theatre, music and dance shows.

With 14 A grades and only 4(!) productions scoring less than a B, this might have been the strongest SummerWorks ever. We can’t wait to see what else is in store from new artistic & managing director Laura Nanni, she’s off to an incredible start.

The Reviews (in alphabetical order)
4 1/2 (ig)noble truths (A+)
#7Love (B+)
A Moment of Silence (B-)
Aattittle (B)
Bleeders (A)
Burnish (B-)
Chase Scenes #1-58 (B+)
Daughter (A+)
[decoherence] (B+)
eatingthegame (B-)
Empire of Night (B)
Extremophiles (A)
Ghosts (D)
Glitter Jesus (B)
Goggles Must Be Worn At All Times (B+)
Horizon (B)
I’m Not Here (B)
Imaginary Anthropologies (A-)
In Utero Out (C+)
Lessons in Temperament (A)
Maylee Todd and La-Nai Gabriel’s Inamorata (B-)
My Nightmares Wear White (B+)
Naked Ladies (A)
No Fun (A-)
Osia (B-)
Performing Performance (B+)
Plucked (C+)
Situational Anarchy (A)
Soliloquy in English (A)
the root of the river flows darker than clouds (D-)
The Unbelievers (A-)
This Is How We Got Here (B+)
This is the August (C-)
Tomorrow’s Child (A-)
Trompe-la-Morte, or Goriot in the 21st Century (A)
Trophy (A-)

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