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Goggles Must Be Worn at All Times (B+)
Strange, arcane, and with a level of technical wizardry that can be nothing but impressive, Goggles is a show with a lot of pieces, and keeping an eye on all of them is next to impossible. An antidote to some of SummerWorks’ more toned down performances, Zoo Owl is beautiful to watch and get lost in.

Glitter Jesus (B)
Jesus Christ Superstar for the more abstract-minded, Glitter Jesus is fun. Kurt Marble manages to condense one hell of a rock opera into a short span of time, and his larger than life stage persona serves to astonish, amuse, and infiltrate your mind with catchy guitar solos. Perfect for anyone who has ever wondered about the meaning of life, or remains steadfastly against our modern concepts of ‘enlightenment’.

Ghosts (D)
Most of the time we spend with the artists revolves around one, Ruairí, reading an email he received about the piece from a lawyer in Ireland. While the email itself is interesting, and brings up a great deal of questions about law and art and self expression, what this means is that there is little time left to deal with any of these issues. Indeed, the rest feels rushed – as if trying to fit a great deal of content and abstract expression into a small amount of space and time. It is as though the presented work is merely scenes from a larger hole, and when it ends the audience is left confused as to what the resolution is, and that it has even ended at all. Includes nudity and audience participation.

the root of the river flows darker than clouds (D-)
The playbill states that the piece is ‘improvisational, but this has structure and focus and root’, which was not on display on Wednesday. lo bil ricochets around the space, pulling objects out of boxes, pouring water all over the floor, and generally making a mess. Throughout this, she maintains a dialogue with the audience that veers from her exploration of what is ‘wild’ to various inside jokes and stories she has with the audience members. Overall a bewildering and seemingly aimless piece.

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