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#KanderAndEbb (A)
No stranger to cabarets, Ryan G. Hinds has delighted us over the years with many equally passionate and comedic one-man shows. #KanderAndEbb though is the most personal in my opinion. I really enjoyed hearing so many anecdotes, not only about the lives of the composer and lyricist but also of Hinds’ own growth and development as an artist. Judging by the cheering throughout and – two – standing ovations, I am not the only one who feels he successfully championed the plea for more appreciation if not Instagram-worthy posts regarding the legendary duo of American musical theatre. At times I craved more variety and oomph in the diction of the ballads, but I also imagine it’s not easy carrying such a high-energy show after a long hot day. The music of Kander and Ebb has struck a cord for the Mississauga born performer since he was only 12 years old. Want to know why? Catch this show at the Annex Theatre.

Jimmy Hogg: A Brief History of Petty Crime (B+)
If you are expecting some sort of Foucauldian analysis of crime through the ages, you will be disappointed. This one-man show is actually a collection of stories depicting the shenanigans experienced throughout the life of the Scottish performer – some more criminal in nature than others. Hogg is a veteran of the Fringe circuit and, unsurprisingly, he brings great physical storytelling to the stage. Despite having a cold – which he confesses to by breaking the fourth wall repeatedly and turning it into an ongoing joke – he powers through the rapid dialogue, only to stop and reflect with a goofy grin. While I felt it appropriately captured the ramblings of a teenager, I hope his cold clears up fast so he can relax into the stories a little more. Particularly enjoyable are his depictions of himself as an outsider flirting awkwardly, as well as his adventures while driving his parents’ car without a license. Find out what happens when he goes to a party with his best friend. Will he resist drinking (and driving)? Find out at Theatre Passe Muraille.

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