summerworks logo 2015

August is here, the weather in Toronto has finally started to catch up to the calendar, and the line outside Bang Bang refuses to die down; it’s officially time for SummerWorks. Made dramatically less awesome this year by the loss of the performance bar but revelling in the convenience and beauty of the new Theatre Centre, the festival is off and running. And I’ve already seen some seriously great theatre.

Staff writer Lorenzo Pagnotta and I (that’d be Kelly, in case you don’t read bylines) will be tackling most of the Juried Series plus the three Musical Works in Concert. Below is a full list of what we’ll be reviewing (in chronological order). Check back throughout the week as review links and letter grades go up.

New This Year: The My Theatre Favourite Discount 
If your Fringe or SummerWorks show scores an A+ or A, you can cash in on that goodwill with a 50% discount on advertising your next show on My Entertainment World. If you scored an A- or B+, we’ll knock 25% off the ad price. Discounts also apply to all past My Theatre Award winners (50% off), and nominees (25% off) in Toronto, Boston or New York. Email for details on how to promote your next show.

Juried Series:
Transfusions (C)
The Devil You Know (B)
A Quiet Sip of Coffee (A)
He Left Quietly (A)
The Bull, The Moon & The Coronet of Stars (B+)
Paradise Red (B-)
Tragedy: a tragedy (A)
Unintentionally Depressing Children’s Tales (B)
Kafka’s Ape (C+)
Bitter Medicine (B-)
And Now, The End (B+)
El Jinete- A Mariachi Opera (A-)
The Container (A)
The Water Thief (A)
Unknown Soldier (A-)
Yarn (B)
Fuck You! You Fucking Perv! (B+)
Trace (A-)
The Widow (C)
Chicken Grease is Nasty Business (C+)
Half Girl/Half Face (B)
Blindsided (B-)
Madam Mao (A-)
Antigonick (A)
The Good Story (A)

Musical Works in Concert:
Recurring John (B+)
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen (A-)
Animal Pharmacy: A Medicine Show (D)