13 October 2018

What if Romeo and Juliet…

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Directed by Jackie Gosselin, this DynamO Théâtre production takes well-known and well-loved work, turns it a little bit on its head, and sets it back down for a younger audience. …

13 October 2018

Howland’s Wolves at Crow’s

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Sarah Delappe’s The Wolves is one of the finest pieces of theatre I’ve had the pleasure to see. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Howland Company’s production has everything. …

13 October 2018

Krapp’s Last Tape Remounted

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The production of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, performed at the Theatre Passe Muraille, is truly a wonder. A perfect stage for a one-man play, actor Bob Nasmith shines. Like …

09 October 2018

Talking Treaties Spectacle at Fort York

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I am always interested and excited to see performances (dance, theatre, music) that are setting-specific, designed for the performance space. There is something special and unique that happens when a …

07 October 2018

Broadway in Vegas

By // Theatre

In Las Vegas, many Broadway shows and musicals bring a unique “Sin City” experience. They are quite entertaining despite the fact that only a few momentous Broadway productions take place …

02 October 2018

Unit 102 presents Isaac’s Eye

By // Theatre (Toronto)

It’s said that Sir Isaac Newton believed in a mysterious substance called ‘ether’ which surrounded everyone – a belief which helped him on the road to many discoveries. The thing …

30 September 2018

Harlem Duet: Just as Powerful Two Decades Later

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Given the heated discourse on race relations today – on and off stage – I am not sure if my title’s statement is positive or negative. One thing is for …

24 September 2018

Jani Lauzon’s I Call Myself Princess

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A decade of research went into the making of the well crafted I Call Myself Princess, written by Jani Lauzon, and a joint Paper Canoe Projects and Cahoots Theatre Production, …

20 September 2018

Cue6’s Dry Land

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Dry Land is a coming of age tale that digs uncomfortably into both the tenderness and cruelty of North American teenage girlhood. Swim teammates Amy (Veronica Hortiguela) and Ester (Mattie …

16 September 2018

Wasted at Southwark Playhouse

By // Theatre (London)

A bold new rock musical that brings a contemporary feel to the story of the Bronte sisters, this is a fun and smart piece of work that doesn’t shy away …

09 September 2018

High Ridin’ by Em-Lou Productions

By // Theatre (London)

James Hogan’s new play is a touching portrayal of love, struggle and bereavement, but lacks the bite to make the drama gripping, spending too long stomping on well-trodden ground. Centring …

08 September 2018

Stratford, 2018: The Festival

By // Theatre

The Music Man The best production at the Stratford Festival this year is an incredibly dated musical with a couple good (not great) songs and a story made of truly …

07 September 2018

Stratford, 2018: The Avon

By // Theatre

Coriolanus The Avon Theatre is lucky to have this big splashy Robert Lepage hit because it’s the only particularly good thing in the space this year. And even then, it …

04 September 2018

Stratford, 2018: The Studio

By // Theatre

Paradise Lost Lucy Peacock is a fabulous spotlight-stealing supernova as Satan in this excellent new adaptation by Erin Shields. She wears fabulous clothes, says fabulous lines, directly addresses the audience, …

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