10. My epic facebook TV debate with Rachael from “I watch movies then talk about them”. Daily we exchange ideas on topics ranging from our favourite TV sidekicks to which female characters make the best case for feminism.

9. Late Canadian stage legend William Hutt’s performance of King Lear in the series finale of Slings & Arrows (seen here opposite Oscar nominee Sarah Polley’s Cordelia)

8. Re-reading the last installment of the Harry Potter series. The story only improves with age and attention.

7. World Series winning manager Cito Gaston returns to the Toronto Blue Jays after the dismissal of the detestable John Gibbons. Gaston’s first home game since returning to the Jays was a massive success as they crushed the Cincinnati Reds 14-1 with 22 hits and a well pitched game from AJ Burnett.

6. The second season of My Boys, which began last week with a happy resolution of season 1’s cliffhanger and a hilarious subplot involving the world’s greatest Matthew McConaughey impersonation. Is there anyone out there not in love with Kyle Howard? 

5. The triple chocolate coconut caramel cookies I baked the other day. That’s right, you heard me.

4. Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue featuring the “new classics” of TV, Film, Music, and more of the last 25 years.

3. Tom Hanks in Big. Could he be any more charming?

2. Project Runway re-runs on Slice. I thought I’d missed out on all the fun of the first 4 seasons but Slice saved me by airing old episodes every night at 4am. My PVR is currently working on capturing season 3.

1. Michael C. Hall. Making my way through season 1 of Dexter on DVD I can’t help but mull over the incomparable genius of the man who flawlessly embodied the socially awkward but golden hearted David Fischer then flipped impressively to portray a charismatic sociopath.