09 February 2017

Letters to Windsor House by Sh!t Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

#neverlookback You see the above hashtag for a second of Sh!t Theatre’s hour-long show. It’s in footage of Manor House, the duo’s local area, on a billboard apparently for an …

07 February 2017

Winter at the COC: A Wagner Breakthrough

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Canadian Opera Company has been slogging through Wagner’s interminable Ring Cycle over the past three seasons. And I’ve been slogging through my reviews of said marathons of melancholy Germans …

06 February 2017

On Stage in TO: Winter Shakespeare

By // Theatre

The Winter’s Tale (Groundling Theatre Company) I’ve talked about this production before, focusing mainly on the problems that overwhelm the action of the first and last acts of this strangely …

05 February 2017

Liv Stein at Canadian Stage

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Liv Stein at Canadian Stage manages to achieve the strange combination of beautiful mediocrity. Nino Haratischwili’s play is about a couple, Liv and Emil, their angst over the loss of …

04 February 2017

From Stratford to Soulpepper: The Last Wife

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Kate Hennig’s contemporary history play traces the story of King Henry VIII’s sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr (Kate) – beginning with his awkward and aggressive pursuit of her, her …

03 February 2017

Dirty Great Love Story at Arts Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Dirty Great Love Story started as a 10-minute poetry duet featuring the two writers, Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna. It then went on to Vault Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and became a …

03 February 2017

The Summoning: An Underdeveloped Spell

By // Theatre (New York)

The Summoning, by Charlotte Ahlin, is an ambitious slapstick three-person play with comedic moments that never quite becomes more than the sum of its parts. From the moment I sat …

02 February 2017

Huntington Revamps Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

By // Theatre (Boston)

As the curtain went up on A Doll’s House, I was instantly pleased and very impressed by James Noone’s set design. The Huntington Theatre Company so often errs on the …

01 February 2017

The Best & Worst of Musical Theatre: Passing Strange & Carrie

By // Theatre (Toronto)

On back-to-back nights in Toronto, I saw one of the best representations of what musical theatre can be, and one of the worst…

31 January 2017

Hand to God Electrifies SpeakEasy’s Stage

By // Theatre (Boston)

SpeakEasy greeted 2017 by bringing the hot Broadway hit Hand to God to the BCA. Robert Haskin’s play about a young Christian boy and his possessed, twisted sock puppet buddy …

27 January 2017


By // Theatre (New York)

Lawrence Dial’s latest play, DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICA should come with a warning: If you are contemplating having children, spending 90 minutes…

26 January 2017

Unholy: A Debate

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Nightwood Theatre’s Unholy stages a debate about whether you can be both religious and a feminist. Written by Diane Flacks and directed by Kelly Thornton, the production presents us with …

23 January 2017

A Wedding in the New Crowsnest

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Kristen Thomson’s new play The Wedding Party opens not only the 34th season of Crow’s Theatre, but has the honour of being the inaugural production of the new Toronto theatre Streetcar Crowsnest. …

21 January 2017

The Doppel Gang at The Tristan Bates Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

It must be difficult basing a play around a group as well-known and held in such high esteem as the Marx Brothers while still retaining the sense of individual character …

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