26 June 2017

Cavalia’s Odysseo

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Cavalia’s performance of Odysseo has returned and hardly needs an introduction. The show teases prospective audience members with the promise of galloping horses, flowing manes, impressive circus feats, and magic. …

22 June 2017

Romeo & Juliet: A Mangled Classic

By // Theatre (London)

Adorning Shakespeare’s Globe theatre’s ornate and columned stage loom two large blackened missiles directed toward the soggy groundlings who are fighting the rainy elements on the day of this performance. …

21 June 2017

Dear Eleanor: Mystery Sans Clues

By // Theatre (New York)

Dear Eleanor, written and directed by Estelle Girard Parks, premiered for one night only at the Kraine Theater. It billed itself as a murder mystery halfway between an Agatha Christie …

18 June 2017

Two Shows from The Site

By // Theatre (London)

The Royal Court’s associate designer, Chloe Lamford, got five writers ‘exploring performance through language, physicality and the power of the imagination’. They wrote a piece each. I caught two of …

12 June 2017

LOU: A Forgotten Woman

By // Theatre (New York)

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche pined after her and she rejected his multiple proposals of marriage. She was the muse for German-language Poet Rainer Maria Rilke who fell in love with her …

10 June 2017

Ten-Minute Play Festival: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Click Here to read Part I of our Ten-Minute Play Festival coverage The White show and Black Show are a two parts of the four-part series in InspiraTO festival’s ten-minute …

10 June 2017

Ten-Minute Play Festival: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Click Here to read Part II of our Ten-Minute Play Festival coverage An InspiraTO Festival show is tapas theatre- six plays that are each ten minutes long in the course …

08 June 2017

Courtney Lamanna in Context

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Echo Productions’ latest production, Context, attempts to recreate the subjective experience of anxiety. One hour long, the show first depicts the evening of Jamie, a burgeoning artist, who attends an …

07 June 2017

Jam at the Finborough Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

We all have bad experiences with teachers; some are worse than others. Jam tells the story of a history teacher named Bella (Jasmine Hyde) who, haunted by a rough past …

04 June 2017

Bad Jews; Good Theatre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I was shocked as I walked into the completely transformed space of Artscape Youngplace to see the Toronto Premier of Bad Jews presented by the Koffler Centre of the Arts. …

28 May 2017

Flip Fabrique’s Catch Me at the Underbelly Festival

By // Theatre (London)

As the festivities on London’s South Bank get under way the big purple tent opens its bovine-adorned folds up to a fitting act of spectacle and astonishment. Catch Me (or …

27 May 2017

Othello at Wilton’s Music Hall

By // Theatre (London)

Othello was written 400 years ago but remains shockingly prescient in this day and age. A society unaccepting of a woman falling in love with a black man, does that ring …

23 May 2017

A Successful Contemporary Take on Onegin

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Based on Pushkin and Tchaikovsky’s nineteenth century poem and opera, respectively, with themes including love at first sight, unrequited love, and regret, one might be weary of another attempt to …

23 May 2017

Wolf Manor’s Caesar

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Wolf Manor Theatre Collective’s Caesar is a sporadically competent reimagining of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with five actors playing multiple roles. Julius Caesar, Cassius, and Brutus are all played by women …

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