27 September 2016

Father Comes Home from the Wars at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

It’s a grind to attend three hours of theatre. But grinds aren’t always bad. Sometimes, the alienation that accompanies “why I am watching this?” can induce some valuable critical distance. …


24 September 2016

Torn at the Royal Court

By // Theatre (London)

A lot of Royal Court’s Upstairs programming is too dry for its own good. Not this. Nathaniel Martello-White’s Torn wears complexity on its sleeve. Angel arranges a circle of seats …


23 September 2016

Stratford’s 2016 Musicals

By // Theatre

Little Night Music All I knew about A Little Night Music going in was “Send in the Clowns”, arguably the crown jewel of Sondheim’s canon. It would have been best …

photo by Nick Ross

22 September 2016

27 at the Cockpit Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Taking inspiration from the many music legends who lost their lives at an early age, 27 is a brand new rock musical from debutant Sam Cassidy that, while boasting a …

photo by Cesare de Giglio

21 September 2016

dreamplay by BAZ productions at the Vaults

By // Theatre (London)

Stringberg’s 1901 work A Dream Play is historically important: its lack of structure, condensing of characters to social roles and narrative current that winds along by way of thin associations …


20 September 2016

[Title of Show] by SR Productions

By // Theatre (London)

Well-executed if not a little rough around the edges, this take on the quirky self-referential [Title of Show] from SR productions is entertaining enough to provide a fun night of musical theatre …


20 September 2016

Bad Dog’s New Tricks

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Friday night, Bad Dog Theatre Company premiered the first two new formats in their fall season: Past Dark and La Grande Jatte. Because the improv company’s Bloor West theatre offers …


18 September 2016

Cats on Broadway: A Return to the Jellicle Ball

By // Theatre (New York)

My parents say I was awestruck. I was young – seven years old, and it was my first musical. Cats. A flurry of feline acrobats spinning across the stage in …


17 September 2016

RashDash’s Two Man Show at the Soho Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

I have to write this review with an extra level of care. Not a fear of offence; I want get across the show’s provocative manner, after all. But I’m extra-conscious …

photo by Ludovic Des Cognets

16 September 2016

Born Mad’s Sister at the Ovalhouse

By // Theatre (London)

Following its sell-out premiere at the Spitalfields Music Summer Festival, Sister is the latest production from Born Mad. It’s an experimental piece, using music and vocals to delve into the …


16 September 2016

Remembrance Day: Bletchley Revisited

By // Theatre (New York)

A few years ago, Bletchley Park became a minor academic obsession of mine. After discovering the code-breaking history of this British installation, I read everything about Bletchley that I could …

photo by Pamela Raith

16 September 2016

Vanities: The Musical at Trafalgar Studios

By // Theatre (London)

With such a small cast and situated within the intimate Trafalgar Studios, Vanities: The Musical relies strongly on its trio of female leads. Lauren Samuels, Ashleigh Gray and Lizzy Connolly …


14 September 2016

Stratford’s 2016 Modern Drama

By // Theatre

All My Sons This Arthur Miller drama feels a-typical for the company that’s made its name on Shakespeare and its money on musicals. Though modern drama isn’t Stratford’s usual racket, …


13 September 2016

Britten in Brooklyn at Wilton’s Music Hall

By // Theatre (London)

Second World War stories always seem to be crowd-pleasing, bringing in elements of tragedy, violence, treason and, in this case, …

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