Photo by David Hou

01 July 2016

In Stratford: Shakespeare in Love

By // Theatre

I have just one rule about adaptations and that one rule makes or breaks my assessment of said adaptation’s worth, every time. I need there to be a reason it’s …

The Unending (illustration by Chloe Cushman)

01 July 2016

Toronto Fringe ’16: Part III

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews The Unending – 3 Short Plays (A-) Site-specific plays always have the potential to be alienating experiences: a bunch …


01 July 2016

Toronto Fringe ’16: Part II

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews ‘Ze’: Queer As Fuck (B) ‘Ze’: Queer As Fuck is written and performed by Michelle Lunicke, originally from Washington, …


30 June 2016

Toronto Fringe ’16: Part I

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Inch Of Your Life: Part 1 (B) If you like The Sopranos chances are you’ll enjoy this show. In …


30 June 2016

Toronto Fringe, 2016

By // Theatre (Toronto)

From June 29 to July 10, seven of our Toronto staffers- Kelly Bedard, Duncan Derry, Kymberley Feltham, Lisa McKeown, Beth McNeil, Lorenzo Pagnotta and Whitney Richards- will be reviewing 118 …


30 June 2016

At the Shaw: Our Town & Mrs. Warren’s Profession

By // Theatre

Two classics- one British, one American- both, in their way, about growing up and letting go. They both feature real-life couples as their young lovers and both are currently playing …


30 June 2016

Exclusive Interview: Bridgette Hayes

By // Theatre (Boston)

A 2015 MyTheatre Award nominee for her outstanding performance as Arthur Roeder in Flat Earth Theatre’s Radium Girls, Bridgett Hayes is a standout actress in the Boston community. We caught up …

photo by Hannah Barton

30 June 2016

Iris Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing

By // Theatre (London)

Outdoor performances in London can be a gamble. If it rains, all the audience cares about is that they were in a dry, covered space. Luckily, Iris’ Theatre production of …

Midsummer Nights Dream

29 June 2016

A Midsummer Night’s Treat

By // Theatre (New York)

Despite my love for all things Shakespeare, it has been over ten years since I last saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed live.* Therefore, Hamlet Isn’t Dead’s intimate production of …

photo by Josh Brandao and Nicolai Komum

28 June 2016

Dancing with the Devil at Lilian Baylis Studio

By // Theatre (London)

A mixture of ballet and theatre can be enjoyed at Lilian Baylis Studio until June 29th. Dancing with the Devil tells the story of the famous Russian ballet dancer Rudolf …


27 June 2016

Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe

By // Theatre (London)

A mixture of confusion and admiration is felt throughout Iqbal Khan’s production of Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe. The admiration is due to the quality of the acting; the confusion has …

photo by David Cooper

27 June 2016

At the Shaw: Alice in Wonderland

By // Theatre

It’s tempting to criticize Peter Hinton’s new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland for its emptiness. There is no real story, no great moral, no particular meaning, not even a coherent …

Performers from acrobatic troupe Barbu at a photocall in front of the London Eye, the Southbank - London

25 June 2016

Barbu at the London Wonderground Festival

By // Theatre (London)

No one really goes to the circus anymore. It feels outdated. The acrobats, the animals and the amazement are a thing of the past. People prefer the theatre because they …


24 June 2016

Ross and Rachel at the Battersea Arts Centre

By // Theatre (London)

The power of silence in theatre is impressive. There is often no need for music when the emotions felt on stage are strong enough to relay to the audience. But …

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