photo by David Estrin & Daniel Escudero

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CW3PR & Impact24 PR’s press rooms featuring composers and creators are always some of the most interesting chats we have at the con. I love interviewing artists specifically about their craft rather than about a property they’re on hand to promote and composers in particular always have fascinating things to say about their craft (the actual promotion of their shows and films they usually leave to the actors and creators).

The following video features interviews with composers for film, TV and video games from both the “”Behind-The-Music: Fantasy, Fiction & Fandom” and “Monsters, Mutants & Mysteries: Sights & Sounds” press rooms.

*Special thanks as again to Toronto-based composer Kristjan Bergey for his help preparing for this press room.

Warning: these rooms were incredibly loud this year so the audio might be a little difficult to discern. Apologies if you can’t hear; you can access past interviews with some of the same folks here and here.