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How I Met Your Mother finally ended its nine-year run this week with an hour finale that makes you appreciate Dexter’s and Seinfeld’s a little more. Okay, not that much, but after nine years, and a whole season of a wedding, did anyone else feel cheated? Maybe it’s because people have accurately predicted the ending for so long that it felt lackluster or maybe it just really wasn’t the best way to tell Ted and the Mother’s story. No matter if you loved it or hated it, it’s over now and all we can do is reflect on the hour. *obviously, spoilers ahead*

Marshall and Lily’s Story

  • Marshmellow and Lilypad move to Rome
  • They move back to New York
  • Lily is pregnant with her third child
  • They move out of the apartment that has been a staple all these years
  • Marshall makes one last reference to Sasquatch and Yeti, no sign of Lock Ness
  • Marshall gets a call for a judgeship, constantly referred to as Judge Fudge
  • Lily complains they gang is drifting apart, no sign of front porch
  • Marshall runs for State Supreme Court

Barney and Robin’s Story

  • They travel a lot
  • They get divorced in the first ten minutes of the episode and three years in to their marriage. But don’t worry guys, it’s cool

Barney’s Story

  • He makes a new play book
  • He has the “Perfect Month” reminiscent of 2010’s “Perfect Week”
  • After the Perfect Month, Number 31 becomes pregnant
  • Barney is a father
  • His bed time is now 9:45pm, completely respectable

Robin’s Story

  • She becomes a world famous newscaster and travels all over the world
  • No one sees her, Marshall refers to her as the Yeti
  • She complains that it will be too hard to be a part of the gang because she cannot see her ex-husband hitting on girls in cop costumes and the guy she should have ended up with (Ted) start a family with another woman
  • She gets more dogs

Ted and The Mother

  • Her name is Tracy McConnell
  • No she is not the same Tracy that was the stripper in season one, but now her kids’ reactions to Ted saying “And that’s how I met your mother,” make sense
  • Her and Ted have a cute ‘TM – these are my initials’ battle under the yellow umbrella, realize they were always meant to be together
  • Ted plans big wedding in a French church, Tracy becomes pregnant instead
  • Two kids and seven years later, they finally get married
  • Tracy becomes sick, who knows with what
  • She dies 6 years before Ted starts to tell the story
  • Their kids predict that their dad has been playing us all along and the story was never about their mom because she was barely in it, but rather about Ted wanting to ask permission to ask out Aunt Robin
  • Fans everywhere weep

Ted and Robin

  • Ted steals the Blue French Horn and appears on Robin’s doorstep

The Fan’s Story

  • We are either:
  • Disappointed OR
  • Ecstatic
  • There is no in-between

The Creators’ Story

  • Fearing that the kids would look too old by the series end, the final scene where they give Ted permission to date Robin and reveal the Mother is dead was filmed in season two
  • They have been screwing with us for eight years
  • They are either:
  • Brilliant OR
  • Evil
  • There is no in-between