On a show as meta as Community, the season finale was bound to be semi-tongue-in-cheek dramatic. So in theory I shouldn’t have minded when all the romantic drama usurped what was otherwise an episode about dalmatian fetishes and John Oliver’s penis. But I did.

The season finale was probably my least favorite episode of Community this season. Now, that’s a bit like saying it was the least cute golden retriever puppy in the litter (for evidence, click here), but it’s still not a puppy that I want to take home with me.
The essential problem is that, while the episode was very good with the one-liners and the absurdity, it truly didn’t need the usual finale shenanigans of rushed declarations of love and threatened show-altering moves. It just needed to be funny. And although I’m fine with an exploration of Britta and Jeff or Annie and Jeff, I don’t think that this show needs a love triangle between its principal actors to fuel the plot. It doesn’t need the plot fueled at all, to be honest. It makes it seem like the show is running out of ideas, when I’m fairly certain its not.
Having the episode close on a Jeff and Annie make-out session, although hot, felt… premature. And having Britta publicly declare her love for Jeff? DEFINITELY premature. And that’s okay, if when the show returns in fall they label it as such and have everyone feel really awkward about it, but as far as a finale goes, it left me semi-blah. Still chuckling and enjoying myself, but blah.
Season Finale Grade: C+*
Season Grade: A
*This grade might be a bit like when a High School English teacher gives her star student a C because she feels like she didn’t try her hardest, so even though most other kids would get a B on that paper, she got a C to tell her to shape up.