Cryptocurrency is indeed reaching new heights, and with the passage of time, they are getting stronger. According to an estimation, around 27 million people use Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. No matter why, you will hear about them everywhere…even on movies and shows! 


Here is a list of Cryptocurrency shows that have made quite some news in the air. Have you started trading on Crypto? If you watch these movies and shows, you will have a good idea about Cryptocurrency and use crypto genius. In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 5 Series that talk about Cryptocurrency.


Top 5 Cryptocurrency Series  

Cryptocurrencies have been highly beneficial in trading, and this attracted rather motivated movie makers to make movies. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Cryptocurrency series:


1. Mr. Robot

This movie attained cult status in its own realm. The storyline revolves around money laundering schemes. In the movie, it is shown that Mr. Robot, a security engineer, became a part of some hacking group. There are a lot of twists and turns in the entire plot that compels the audience to sit around the edge of their couch. 


Money laundering and other issues come to the center stage. A lot of hit-and-run goes into the entire movie that you will surely enjoy, and there is no doubt about it. Keeping the Cryptocurrency constant, a thorough change in a character from the good to the evil might symbolically represent the volatility of the Cryptocurrency.


2. Startup 

Another interesting series showcases the interplay of false promises and the underworld’s dark caves. In this movie, it was shown that Bitcoin is at great heights. The story revolves around Izzy, a young computer whiz. He was responsible for dubbing a new coin called “Gen-Coin.” She claimed that the new coin would outperform Bitcoin in all aspects. In her attempt to lift the coin, she stepped into the world of the criminal underworld governed by gangsters and moneylenders. The series continued for just three seasons but had a deep mark on viewers.


3. Silicon Valley  

Silicon valley falls under that category which provides a lot of information. The series was highly informative in that it was introduced with the PiedPiperCoin. The coin was created by Palo ALTO startup- Pied Piper. In the series, the group of partners went on to make a PowerPoint presentation on how Cryptocurrency works. 


This is quite a great development depending on the fact that the movie was highly knowledgeable. The series really worked to motivate different Blockchain companies to enter the real-world markets. They say the movies work to inspire and bring in change. On the other hand, it acted to bring in change in the entire viewpoint on this kind of currency.


4. Black mirror 

The movie is a type of science fiction movie. A completely fresh idea that shows how people earned digital coins through cycling. They are seen to be engaged in only one act, and their entire life revolves around cycling, where they cycle and win coins. They spend those to buy services and products. 


Moreover, when they earn some coins, they have the liberty to get away from the Cycling jobs and take part in some other programs. Though grotesque in its overall build-up, the movie portrays the imminent mechanical world where men will have nothing but to collect digital coins.


5. Billions

This comes last on our list. This is designed mainly for Crypto enthusiasts. It focuses on two heavyweights of the US financial world. The show mainly focuses on pitting hedge funds against the system of law. This was perpetrated through a series of deals. 


The entire theme and development of the plot revolve around the Cryptocurrency theme. This might not arrest the attention of the non Cyptousers but will surely win the hearts of the enthusiasts on Cryptocurrency. Therefore it places itself among the top 5 series on Cryptocurrency.



In conclusion, it can be said that Cryptocurrency has really gone on to arrest a small investor’s attention to that of movie series directors.


These series are well synced with the futuristic themes and built-ups and make them a must-see. If you have lesser ideas on Cryptocurrency, you could definitely choose to watch them. You will get interested.