About the Favourites Series:
One of our favourite things is to listen to our favourite people talk about their favourite things. In this series, we’ll be inviting some awesome guest contributors to talk to or about their favourite people in art and entertainment. We hope you love it as much as our guests love the art and artists they’re here to talk about.


About this Episode:
When I first approached blogger and RHAP podcaster Lita Brillman about coming on board to do Survivor episode reviews for us, the sample article she sent me was a thoughtful editorial analyzing the gameplay of her all-time favourite castaway and the indelible impact the Australian Outback icon had on the game and on reality TV at large. The article was titled She Wore the Black Hat: Jerri Manthey & the Legacy of Female Villainy in Reality TV and when its subject read the piece, she responded on twitter with, and I quote: “Holy shit. Lita…. I need to meet u. NEVER before has ANYONE said the things I’ve felt or been through like this article does. U get me. FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS! Damn….🤯”. So, obviously, when I was first dreaming up the idea for the Favourite Series, a Lita/Jerri episode was at the very top of my must-have list. 


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