In Everyone is Doing Great, the original pilot created by and starring James Lafferty (who also directs) and Stephen Colletti, the main characters Jeremy and Seth are the former stars of a hit vampire show. As Lafferty and Colletti self-deprecatingly claimed when I spoke with them at the ATX Television Festival about the pilot and their crowd funding campaign to make a complete first season, The WB and eventually CW’s One Tree Hill was not that show. It was never Twilight or even The OC, it was a mid-sized show that just ran a really long time (9 seasons). And because it ran a really long time (or maybe it’s the other way around), fans of One Tree Hill are really invested in its stars, still, even 6 years after it went off the air. Invested enough to watch a show they made about life after starring on a big (and maybe a little bit silly) teen show? Hopefully, yes.

My best friend and I recently started an OTH rewatch that will likely take us at least a decade to complete. We’re about midway through season two (prime Nathan territory; Colletti’s Chase hasn’t shown up yet) so maybe I was in the right mindset to be interested in Everyone is Doing Great, but regardless of what made me watch it (let’s face it, OTH nostalgia will be the wind this thing flies on if it goes), the pilot totally stands on its own merit. It’s good. Maybe not groundbreaking, but it’s solidly good and if Lafferty and Colletti have the guts to go for full vulnerability when they make more episodes, it has the potential to be really good.

Check out the video of my chat with Lafferty and Colletti about their new project, what makes their collaboration work, and why One Tree Hill fans should trust them with something new.

And here’s what the rest of the team had to say about the project:

“The show is very funny, but also tackles real issues in a very meaningful way and that’s a testament to the great writing from James and Stephen.”  — Ian Nelms (Executive Producer) + Eshom Nelms (Cast + Executive Producer) (
“This was a great labor of love for both James and Stephen and it was wonderful to collaborate with them as a producer from the very beginning and then help bring it to life for them.” — Johnny Derango, Director of Photography + Exectuive Producer (
“I’ve worked with James in front of the camera on several films prior to EDG. He’s an incredibly giving and insightful actor, and he carries the same enthusiasm and kindness as a director. It was a joy to get to work with him on both sides of the camera on this project. This was my first time working with Stephen and he is really funny and endearing in the show.”  — Michelle Lang, Cast (Cast + Exectuive Producer (

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