Okay, so it wasn’t our best year as humans, but lots of great people made lots of great stuff in 2016 and god dammit we’re going to celebrate that stuff.

This is home base for our entire 2016 Awards Season. Starting with the Nomination Announcements, then the Nominee Interview Series and, finally, The Winners!

Without further ado,

This Year’s Nominees Are: 

The 2016 MyCinema Award Nominees

The 2016 MyTV Award Nominees

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Nominees: Toronto

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Nominees: New York

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Nominees: London

Nominee Interview Series

Check out our Exclusive Interviews with over 100 of this year’s nominated artists.

The Awards Ceremony

More than 300 of Toronto’s greatest theatre artists came together at The Great Hall on April 10th to celebrate this year’s MyTheatre Awards, hosted by the Templeton Philharmonic with live music from our signature band Hand-Picked Favourites. CLICK HERE to check out all the photos from the event.

And the Winners Are: 

The 2016 MyTV Awards

The 2016 MyCinema Awards

The 2016 MyTheatre (London) Awards

The 2016 MyTheatre (New York) Awards

The 2016 MyTheatre (Toronto) Awards