IMG_1511It’s time, once again, for the On DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount Home Distribution and Elevation Pictures. Only, this time, there are enough great things to talk about that we’re splitting our coverage between TV and Film releases.

These are the new TV on DVD selections available from Paramount. Click Here to read about the Films.

Workaholics: Season Six
There is exactly one reason to buy any Workaholics DVD- Drunkumentary Commentary. It’s on every episode and with a cast with this much natural charisma and insane comic chops, it’s the perfect special feature and special features are the one great DVD upside that digital has yet to match.

Kroll Show: Season Three
Top-notch personality-driven sketch. Not a ton or re-watch value since this is such a YouTube-y show but good content, even if it’s not really worth the money.

The Shannara Chronicles: Season One
This epic fantasy series had a strong, sprawling debut. A totally worth-having DVD.

Perry Mason Movie Collection: Volume Five
“The Case of the Telletale Talk Show Host”, “The Case of the Killer Kiss”, “The Case of the Wicked Wives”, “The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle”, “The Case of the Grimacing Governor”, “The Case of the Jealous Jokester”. The Perry Mason DVD domination continues.

Bubble Guppies: “Fun on the Farm”
Five adventures, 120 minutes, plenty of wacky, vibrant fun. There’s a reason this is the number one show my little cousins scream for when they’ve had enough of socializing with dumb grownups.