1385052_10200599653947957_51837903_n 2Chris Tsujiuchi and The Chris-terical Cabaret Crew are back for their annual Christmas festivities at Buddies in Bad Times this weekend. They’ve brought a lot of old material with them (and the departure of mainstay Vaughn Harris is sadly felt), but they’ve also got the strongest group of instrumentalists they’ve ever had… and a gospel choir.

There’s one show left (Sunday, Dec 15th at 8pm) so be sure to catch it or suffer the long wait until the next holiday season to get your fix of “Tree-Glow” and the deliciously torturous Secret Santa game that forces Chris and his musicians to improvise an on-the-spot mashup of a random carol with an even more random genre.

Read on for our list of the Top 5 Most Charming Moments from tonight’s show.

Caution, mild spoilers ahead.

No one knows what to do when “Angels We Have Heard on High” is paired with “Afrikaans” in the Secret Santa improv game, until keyboardist La-Nai Gabriel jumps in head first with drums and bass right behind her. Then the dancing starts.

The band completely fumbles the big reveal of the intermission banner.

Featured singer Kevin Wong jumps up and yells “he’s mine” when Chris chooses a handsome audience member to play Secret Santa and finds out his husband is in the show.

Chris tears up as he sings the show-stopping ballad “New Years Kiss”.


The #1 Most Charming Moment of the Night
Chris is joined in a quiet duet of “The Christmas Song” by his omnipresent and heretofore speechless guitarist/close friend Matt Marcoccia. Matt shyly warbles through the ballad but, when commanded “now riff!”, by Jove, he riffs… and Chris couldn’t look prouder.