breaking-belding-600x260 2Some would argue that Breaking Bad is the best television show on the air right now. Some would say that Breaking Bad is the best television show of all time. With the massive media blitz leading up to last week’s premiere, we’ve been inundated with articles, reviews, think pieces, and blog post all eager to crown Breaking Bad as the reigning king of the TV world. But there’s one group who saw the truth: that Breaking Bad could be improved. “Impossible!” you say? Then get ready feast your eyes on a mashup of the world of Walter White with the single greatest TV show in the history of the world, Saved By The Bell.

From the ever popular Nerdist Industries, “Breaking Belding” shows the truth behind the sunny façade of Bayside High School. Ever wonder why Principle Belding was so chummy with teenagers? Why Zach Morris was seemingly able to break the rules of space-time and physics? Why Zach and Kelly just couldn’t keep away from each other? Why the jocks hang out with the dweebs. Or how Jessie could become a caffeine pill addict in a matter of days? Meth. It’s all because of meth. Bayside was too perfect, too clean, it had to be an act. Think about it. Are you ready for the truth?