My-TV-Trophy-743x1024We choose the winners of our regular My TV Award categories through a combination of fan, staff and editorial votes (33% each) and sometimes it works out that your favourites don’t win where they’re nominated. But we wanted to make sure they know how much you wanted them to win, thus Fan Favourite. We created this award last year when the support we heard from fans of Glee Project star Damian McGinty became undeniable (but he lost his category, Best Male Reality Star, to the staff pick- Boston Rob Mariano). We brought it back again this year because your voting habits have gotten even more intense.

Votes have been pouring in since January over email, Facebook, Twitter and in the comments section of the nominations announcement. But, unlike the My Theatre Awards which saw one winner emerge from a crowd of favourites, fans voting in the My TV Awards seemed to come down to two camps- the ballet kids and the Smash fans. Debra Messing and Megan Hilty of the sadly departed NBC musical dramedy drew more votes between them than we’d ever had before. But they split their own fanbase, making room for a dark horse contender from a wholly underrated show.

Your Favourite TV Star of 2012 Was……


Photo by Oliver Endahl
Photo by Oliver Endahl

Breaking Pointe‘s compelling ballerina lost her spot with Ballet West in season one of The CW’s fascinating reality series, but she won the hearts of more of our readers than any other nominee, snatching Fan Favourite easily out of the hands of a household name and the skyrocketing star who helped headline Smash. Messing and Hilty have a fan base to be reckoned with but what happened on behalf of Katie Martin can only be described as a groundswell.

Congratulations, Katie. You are officially beloved by the readers (and the writers) of My Entertainment World.