As many of you already know, Disney Canada has been nice enough this year to give us some extra copies of some of ABC’s most engrossing 2011-2012 shows on DVD and Blu-ray to share with you amazing readers. You’ve already had the opportunity to win Revenge Season One on DVD by answering “what’s your favourite serialized show?” then Once Upon a Time Season One on Blu-ray by answering “if you could be any fairytale character, who would you be?” and Grey’s Anatomy with “who’s the best Seattle Grace doctor?”.  But here’s the thing, readers, it turns out we have a few extra DVDs for you. So, if you want a copy of Revenge, Once Upon a Time, or Grey’s Anatomy, just answer the aforementioned question in the comments section of this post.

OR answer one of the following questions to win a copy of one of this week’s THREE available DVD prizes.

Castle Season 4 (out Sept 11):

Beckett and Castle are a well-shipped set of on-screen partners. Who’s your favourite will-they-or-won’t-they TV couple?

Private Practice Season 5 (out Sept 11):

If you could spin off a character from Private Practice (itself a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff), who would it be?

Body of Proof Season 2 (out Sept 18):

Body of Proof is about a medical examiner. What’s the weirdest TV job a character has had on a show you watch?

Answer in the comments or tweet at us @MyEntWorld. We’ll pick our favourite answers next week and get in touch so we can send you your prizes.