If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know about my love of all things So You Think You Can Dance. This past Friday that love doubled in size when I got to see the So You Think You Can Dance Canada concert from the very first row.

The show was amazing- oodles better than it’s cornier American counterpart, which I’d seen in October from far inferior seats. We got to see all of the best dances of the season as well as a new one or two (most notably a breathtaking group number choreographed by Mia Michaels). The heavily-scripted chatty bits between dances were kept short and to-the-point (unlike the American tour, which felt like a sad Gev comedy show). Even the solos (which are usually pretty underwhelming) were very well danced and entertaining. And, because I saw the show in Toronto, host Leah Miller even made an impromptu appearance to announce that show had just been picked up for a second season.

And yes, these photos were all taken with my camera- that’s how close I was!