I’ve decided to do my first blog post as an addendum to Kelly’s earlier Crush list, because there’s some tv-shows that even the great Ms. Kelly hasn’t gotten into and I think there are certainly dream-worthy boys deserve some crushing-love.

So without further ado, my TV Crushes (in no particular order):

First and foremost, one of the most glaring and sad-making holes in Kelly’s TV repertoire: Chuck. When Chuck started last year, it was a by the numbers tv action-comedy with a strange-sounding premise. But this season, it has advanced into full-fledged must see tv goodness. And most of the reason for that is the eponymous Chuck, Zachary Levi. Not only is he consistently funny, goofy, and noble, he manages all this while in Buy More uniform and without any notable demonstrations of physical dominance of any kind. He’s an unrepentant geek who’d get along with the stunted boys over on Big Bang Theory better than he gets along with his hottie super-spy love interest, Sarah. And he’s 100% dreamboat.

There’s really no excuse for my love for Mac (Rob McElhenney), one of the four truly awful human beings that run Paddy’s pub over on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Here’s a guy whose closest friends think that it’s likely he’s a serial killer, and who once banged his best friends Mom. But something about his earnest evilness wins me over every episode. Add in a real life romance with show costar Kaitlin Olson, and you’ll have to forgive me for this truly deplorable TV crush. Plus, as my ongoing Logan Echolls fascination can attest, I have a bad boy problem.

Special Agent Seeley Booth is every girl’s dream, whether or not she knows it. He’s a devoted dad who thinks sex should be reserved for those you love, who’s witty and sexy and reads comic books in the tub. He spends his days catching murderers and practicing chemistry with his sexy, in a nerdy brilliant kind of way, partner, Temperance Brennan. And he’s got just enough of a dark past and troubled soul that he’s got that extra spark without being an actual badboy. Plus, he’s played by David Boreanaz.

Conrad Shephard (Romany Malco) is probably the closest thing to a good person on Weeds. And he’s still a drug dealer who carries a gun and occasionally sleeps with married women. But his (somewhat undeserved) devotion to Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) and the fact that he is smoking hot earns him his place on this list.

Cappie (Scott Michael Foster, from Greek) is another guy in the bad boy mode, but what college girl doesn’t dream of that elusive frat guy prankster who’s basically a character from Animal House but who’s also smart enough to pass, dare I say ace, all his classes while still hung over from last night’s kegger AND have series of monogamous relationships with interesting and intelligent female protagonists? Sure he stole Zac Effron’s haircut, and for the first couple episodes was little more than a one note cool guy, but as the show has progressed (as far as a TV-show about fraternity and sorority dealings on ABC Family can progress), Cappie is the rock, both morally and comically. And his kindness to uncool Rusty is as much as an advertisement for awesomeness as I’ve ever seen.

Captain, General, Attorney Lee Adama (Jaime Baumber, Battlestar Gallactica) on top of looking super dreamy is often the heart of the series constant moral dilemmas. He sticks by his guns, even when that means laying his guns down and going into politics. In his personal life, he’s rarely so stalwart, but his romantic entanglements with Starbuck (only the all time coolest and most badassiest female in cable TV history) are probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Although in the past season we didn’t get the intense privilege of seeing our boy in his flight suit as often, he rocked the suit and tie lawyer look just as hard as any of those boys over on the Practice.

My ultimate TV crush is also the only one I took from a show Kelly also gave crush’ed love to. But Malcolm Reynolds is the TV crush that defines all the others. Sure, I love me some Seth Cohen, but would I take him over Malcolm Reynolds? Not if you paid me. Malcolm Reynolds is and will remain my semi-silent, often-nude, pistol carrying space cowboy love, and the romantic saga (made only more romantic by the fact that it never comes to anything resembling fruition) between him and Inara will remain one of my favorite all time epic love sagas.

Looking forward to future blogging goodness, and for all things movie related, check out I Watch Movies and Then Talk About Them.