Every Wednesday I bring you a list of my current obsessions. This week the winners are…

Mia Michaels

A long-time favourite of mine, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer and judge Mia Michaels can always be relied upon for fair, tough and constructive judicial comments, a quirky turn of phrase, unique fashion choices and a general air of absolute cool. It’s when she unveils a choreographic masterpiece such as this week’s bed routine (danced by Kherington and Twitch), however, that she really shines.

The My Boys Boys

PJ’s a great protagonist and someone who the average woman can really connect with. But in watching the first season of My Boys on DVD this week, I’ve come to realise that the reason I keep coming back to this show is PJ’s boys. Bobby is adorably endearing yet flawed enough that you feel like you know him, Andy balances PJ in a comically sibling way, I love the innocence of Kenny and Stephanie’s intense and unprovoked hatred of him, Mike’s antics couldn’t be funnier and his impressions are priceless. I even have a soft spot for Trouty (season 1 “guest boy” played by Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki). My favourite boy, however, is Brendan (played by Reid Scott), PJ’s oldest friend and roommate. The ease of Brendan’s relationship with PJ is truly a rare dynamic on television and their scenes are always some of my favourites.
Sports Night on DVD

If you read this blog regularly you should know by now that Aaron Sorkin is my all-time favourite writer. Throw him together with some of TV’s greatest actors like Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Josh Malina (The West Wing), add his partner and director Thomas Schlamme, mix in a boat load of inspiring, dramatic and comical sports references, top with a pinch of pretension and preachiness, bake at a sitcom-appropriate temperature and set to cool on ABC (the best network out there). Voila! You’ve got 2 seasons of brilliant-but-cancelled entertainment ready for consumption in a nice yellow box set.
The Dark Knight promos and Entertainment Weekly coverage
Is there anyone in the world who’s not excited for when The Dark Knight opens in theatres on July 18? I didn’t think so. The promos look amazing, and while the late genius Heath Ledger will surely steal the show as The Joker, Christian Bale, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckhart and Michael Caine are sure to give stunning performances as well in this highly anticipated summer blockbuster. Entertainment Weekly’s comprehensive coverage in their latest issue shouldn’t hurt either as director Christopher Nolan hopes for a hit like his last film about the caped crusader.
and, lastly…
My TV on DVD collection is my prized possession and I keep it stocked with excessive shopping action over at amazon.com. Way cheaper, easier and more reliable than the HMVs and Best Buys of the world, Amazon.com has quickly become the only place I buy my DVDs. Never again should you pay more than $60 for a box set or have to visit 3 stores to find the ones you want- it’s all available on the Internet (for evidence, see my collection, which has overflowed onto a sixth shelf after my most recent purchase of 5 seasons of Will & Grace, My Boys season 1 and a new copy of Buffy season 2).