Fred Armisen on SNL.
His Obama impression is dead on and his “political comedian” Nicholas Fehn is perhaps my favourite character on the show. SNL repeats- the perfect summer solution.
Dominic Cooper.
Not only is he the star of The History Boys (one of my all-time favourite movies) but with Mamma Mia, Dom Cooper proved that he can sing, he can dance, he looks great in a bathing suit and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.
Top Chef.
I just got into it this week (after a sketch on an SNL repeat inspired me) and I am loving it.

The Cast of The Dark Knight.
The incomparable Christian Bale, the late genius Heath Ledger, the chameleon actor Gary Oldman (aka Sirius Black/Lt. Gordon) , screen legends Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, talented new addition Maggie Gyllenhaal and the perfectly cast Aaron Eckhart- GREATNESS.

Cat Deeley.
Almost every week SYTYCD makes it onto this list somehow. Cat may have been robbed of her Emmy nod but I’ve never failed to acknowledge her greatness. Tonight’s results show, in particular, displayed her incredible skill as a host when she had to reveal a complete upset in the results and then coax a flabbergasted and distraught Twitch back from the edge of the stage to dance again. The woman not only exudes poise but also an amazing warmth.