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“Born and raised in the town of Arnprior, ON, Canadian singer-songwriter Vicki Brittle began playing and writing music at a young age, developing her craft at the town’s local hockey games and bars. Remaining a small-town girl at heart, Vicki released her debut EP, Candy, in 2016, followed by her first full-length set, One Love, in 2019. Vicki also released the emotional single “It’s Only Love” in 2019, which she re-recorded a new stripped-down version of two years later at the Coalition Music’s headquarters. Vicki has performed at incredible venues around Canada such as the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, Cityfolk Festival and Canadian Small Halls Festival, and has opened for established artists including Sass Jordan, Adam Gantier and Jeff Martin. She was also previously nominated for “Album of the Year” by Faces Magazine”.


When did you know you wanted to be a musician?
I knew I wanted to be a musician from a very young age, and never really tried to make a backup plan. From such an early age, I can remember being so in love with music. When I became old enough to comprehend, my Nanny and Grandpa both taught me how to play piano, with completely different skill sets and inspirations, as well as being in vocal lessons from Age 9. Being so focused on music at a young age, with extremely supportive parents, it was hard to feel like anything else was home.


Are you trained? How did you develop your skills?
I am trained partially in Royal Conservatory and mostly in Performance and Vocal. I began studying Royal Conservatory at a young age (9), and felt attached until I didn’t. There came a point after receiving my Grade 5 that I began to become more attracted to singing more “freely”. Royal Conservatory felt somewhat restrictive in a career sense. I believe I was 12/13 when I began vocal lessons at my local music school, Main Street School of Music in Arnprior, Ontario. At that age is when I began discovering a lot of my musical influences other than what I listened to with mom and dad in my childhood. The “training phase” of my childhood is an important part of my journey to me.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
My musical influences are chaotic enough to replicate a world map, but they always come down to songwriting and feeling. A broad list of my musical influences is: Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morrisette, Dallas Green, Elle King, Ashe, Bonnie Raitte, Dodie, Sass Jordan, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow and Carol King.


How would you describe your sound?
This is always a hard question to me as my roots are filled with so many different sounds, but at the core of my music lies Folk, Singer-Songwriter and Americana.


What’s your favourite tune in your repertoire and why?
My favourite tune in my repertoire is “It’s Only Love”. “It’s Only Love” was written in a personal time of need, and a friends time of need. It’s the tune that has helped me evolve so much, and feels like it has lived so many lives. My other favourite song in my recent repertoire is “Breakdown”. Written with Jessica Mitchell, I dove face first into the emotions of feeling overwhelmed and broken. “Breakdown”, in a completely different way than “It’s Only Love” has provided me personal healing, while also bringing comfort to people who have reached out to me expressing how much these songs have helped them heal personally, which brings it back to how important music is.


What can audiences expect from one of your live shows?
I like to connect at live shows and create a safe space for feeling, whatever that feeling is. With that being said, I like to introduce most songs and talk about the inspiration behind them and what emotion compelled me to pick up the pen and become vulnerable through a melody in hopes to create multiple connective spaces. Audiences can expect bare feet most of the time, smiling, sometimes crying, dancing, movement, expression and most of all- honesty. I like to honour emotions during the process of a show, and hope in doing so it creates a space for people to feel anything and everything they need to through my music.


Where can we find your music?
You can find my music on all streaming platforms listed below, and my latest video for my new single “20 Somethin’” takes you through a journey of me at party, surrounded by the phases of personalities I have moved through during my 20’s so far. Love, Anger, Jealousy, Loneliness, Happiness, Confidence, Shyness, and so many more, surround me as I make my way into a bathroom at a retro party and experience the rollercoaster of being 20 in a small span of time.

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Twitter: @thevickibrittle

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